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The Garden of Eden Before the Fall

Eden before the Fall by Tabatha

By Sandra Tabatha Cicero

At the top are the three Supernal Sephiroth summarized into one unity--Aima Elohim, the Mother Supernal--clothed with the Sun, the Moon at her feet, and on her head the Crown of Twelve Stars. Then follow the other Sephiroth of the Tree of Life. Below the Tree, proceeding from Malkuth is The Tree of Knowledge of Good and of Evil, which is between the Tree of Life and the World of Assiah, represented by the sleeping seven-headed dragon. The dragon symbolizes the Seven Infernal Palaces which contain the Ten Averse Sephiroth. The river Naher flows forth from the Supernals and in Daath it is separated into four streams: Pison, the river of fire flowing to Geburah. Gihon, the river of water flowing into Chesed. Hiddikel, the river of air flowing into Tiphareth. Phrath (Euphrates), the river of earth flowing into Malkuth. The Rivers form a cross upon which is Adam, extended from Tiphareth. His arms stretch out to Geburah and Gedulah (Chesed), and in Malkuth is Eve, who supports the two Pillars.

Artwork Copyright © 1995 by Sandra Tabatha Cicero


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