HOGD Cross

Site vision for the visually impaired

H.O.G.D. are committed to website accessibility for the Visually Impaired.
Larger clearer fonts, easy navigation & accessibility tags

If you have Vista or XP you can use your built in magnifier
or click on 'View' in your browser then click 'Zoom'.


Here are 2 FREE Visual Aid download recommendations,
easy to install in only a few minutes

NVDA Talking software
Free Talking Screen Reader technology
over 20 languages supported + Braille

More information Here
  |  Download Here 10.2meg

If you do not have Vista or XP you can download a great magnifier here from:

Sourceforge - Magnifying glass
Free Screen magnifier - 1x to 16x
Puts a movable magnifying glass on your computer screen
Download Here 758K


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