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"Be thy Mind opened to the Higher,
be thy Heart a Centre of Light,
Be thy Body a Temple of the Rose Cross."

The Golden Dawn system of magic is not a religion, although religious imagery and spiritual concepts play an important role in its work. The Golden Dawn was designed by its founders to be an Hermetic Society dedicated to the philosophical, spiritual, and psychic evolution of humanity. It was also designed to be a school and a repository of knowledge, where students learned the principles of occult science and the various elements of western philosophy and magic. Tolerance for all religious beliefs was stressed, and symbolism used within the G:.D:. came from a variety of religious sources. Today, people from many diverse religious paths consider themselves practicing Golden Dawn magicians--including Neopagans, Gnostics, Jews, and Christians.

The Golden Dawn system of magic is designed to teach its students both abstract esoteric concepts as well as the more practical applications of ceremonial magic. Egyptian, Judeo-Christian, Greek, Gnostic, Rosicrucian, and Masonic elements can all be found within the teachings of the G:.D:. The curriculum includes the study of Qabalah, astrology, divination, inner alchemy, Egyptian magic, skrying, and Enochian magic.

This website is not intended to be a vehicle for the recruitment of those individuals who are seeking initiation in a Golden Dawn Order or temple, but rather as a resource for all students and practitioners of the Western Esoteric Tradition. Periodic updates include articles by various authorities in the larger esoteric community, and expanded versions of articles already posted.


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