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The Serpent of Wisdom

Serpent of Wisdom by Tabatha

By Sandra Tabatha Cicero

The diagram of the Serpent of Wisdom shows the Ten Sephiroth with all the connecting Paths numbered and lettered, and the Serpent winding over the each path. Around each Sephirah are written the Names of the Deity, Archangel, and Angelic group attributed to it. The Twenty-two paths are bound together by the Serpent of Wisdom. It unites the Paths but does not touch any of the Sephiroth, which are linked by the Flaming Sword.

The Serpent of Wisdom is formed by the natural order of the Twenty-two Paths. It is the ascending reflux current of energy which aspires unto the Divine (whereas the Flaming Sword alludes to the rush of Divine energy descending into manifestation). The Serpent also traces the path of an Initiate of the mysteries who aspires unto the Hidden Knowledge.

The Serpent of Wisdom is also the Serpent Nehusthtan, or the Serpent of Brass, which Moses made when the Children of Israel were bitten by the Seraphim or Serpents of Fire in the Wilderness.

Artwork Copyright © 1995 by Sandra Tabatha Cicero

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