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Westcott Phoenix Collar

Westcott Phoenix Collar

Photo copyright © 1997 Chic Cicero

“There are in fact two versions of the double Phoenix collars. The first is the Golden Dawn version, and Westcott’s own collar was more like a Roman breast plate in size. This in turn, was based on the print of one shown in the original German edition of ‘Secrets Symbols of the Rosicrucians’.

For the Golden Dawn version, Westcott retained the eagles and stars (with the four Egyptian god forms around each star) and changed the central medallion to fit in with Golden Dawn philosophy and Egyptian symbolism. The central medallion was also used as the model for the Seal of the R.R et A.C.  Westcott changed the central figure of the Christ-like King of the original, in the centre of the hexagram, to that of Osiris with the crook and scrouge. This is the symbol of Osiris risen in the 5=6 ceremony. The two kerubs angels on each side of Osiris are another reminder of the two angels that guarded the tomb of Christ after the resurrection. The background colouring of the hexagram shows black on the bottom and gold on top symbolising the initiation of through Malkuth into the gold of Tipareth. The background colouring of the stars relate to the old Rosicrucian alchemical tincture of the white and red, as stipulated in the original German design. Westcott also changed the positions of the sun and lunar symbols from the original placing to match the pillars of the Tree of Life. The Sun being the left hand pillar and the Moon being on the right. Around each star or pentagram, is an Egyptian Pantheon or figures. On the right are God forms on the dais of the earth grade (minus Horus) and on the left are the figures on the dais from the Fire Grade (plus Horus who was transferred).

In the second version, used by the Stella Matutina, the central medallion was not used in favour of the twin eagles and stars above the Rose Cross and the omission of the Egyptian pantheons against each star.”

—Excerpt from Golden Dawn Rituals and Commentaries, Volume Three
by Pat Zalewski

Westcott Phoenix Collar2

Photo copyright © 1997 Chic Cicero

Westcott's Lamen was on display at the 1997 Golden Dawn Conference in London.

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