Chic and I recently wrote an article entitled “Musings on the Magic Squares” for the Hermetic Virtues Magazine (Volume 5, Edition 17 – Autumnal Equinox 2011), In it, we describe some of our own observations and musings about the magical squares, based upon personal meditation gained through Vault meditations. The three areas covered by our “musings” include Geometric Gematria, Polyhedral Qameoth, and Truncated Pyramid Qameoth.


Some of our “musings” concerns the creation of three-dimensional polygon magical squares that we call Polyhedral Qameoth (polycams for short). By applying the magical squares to the platonic solids and other polygons, we not only create 3-D versions of some of the magic squares, we can also create 3-D versions of the various sigils traced on the traditional planetary Qameoth, traced from number to number and from side to side.


One polycam that did not make it into our article was that of Mazzaloth, the doubly-even magic square of the Zodiac, based on a 12 x 12 grid of numbers, used for making zodiacal sigils. This magic square was first published in the article “Mysteria Geomantia” by Adam Forrest (The Golden Dawn Journal Book 1: Divination, reprinted as Basics of Magic: The Best of the Golden Dawn Series: Book One: Divination).


The platonic solid used for the Mazzaloth square is the dodecahedron or twelve-sided figure. Each line of the magic square is used on one of the sides of the figure. We don’t consider it as elegant as the other polycams presented in our “musings” article, but it can be useful for creating 3D zodiacal sigils.

The current issue of Hermetic Virtues Magazine can be found here:

UPDATE 9/23/11:



RE: The Mazzaloth Polyhedral Qamea: We realized that our line division of the Mazzaloth Square needed adjusting. The revised schematic of the polycam is included here. As you can see Line 1 and Line 12 are now at opposite ends of the figure, with Line 2 mirroring Line 11, Line 3 mirroring Line 10, etc. (I will have the full revised polycam posted shortly.)

At the time of this writing I am considering color options for the sub-zodiacal “Units” of the Mazzaloth Polycam:


(1) Side 1 Unit 1:  Red/Red for Aries of Aries;  Side 12 Unit 144: red-violet/red-violet for Pisces of Pisces   


(2) Side 1 Unit 1:  Yellow/Yellow for Leo of Leo;  Side 12 Unit 144: Violet/Violet for Aquarius of Aquarius. (To be accurate on the color wheel, Leo is true yellow and not “yellow-green” or “greenish-yellow.”)

The second method would be used to support the Fixed Sidereal method of the Golden Dawn’s esoteric astrology (beginning with 0 degrees Leo). HOWEVER, I am much more inclined to use the first method (Aries-Pisces) which employs the connection between the invisible spectrum of colors (infrared and ultraviolet) as the doorway to the unmanifest.

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Frater Yechidah · September 22, 2011 at 1:36 pm

Interesting stuff. Looking forward to reading your article in HV 🙂


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