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The Battery of Knocks is a sequence of knocks employed for symbolic purposes in a ceremony. Various numbers of knocks given in a particular pattern are common in all types of fraternal and magical lodge work. In magical lodges they are often used to symbolize a specific grade being worked, or the energies being invoked. In the Neophyte Hall of the Golden Dawn, the Battery of Knocks are given by the Middle Pillar Officers in an alternating fashion.


The Battery of Knocks in the Neophyte Hall is based on the Saturn Square, one of the planetary Squares or Qameoth, which are grids of numbers associated with the planets and considered as magical images. Now imagine the Saturn Square in this way—Place the Hiereus at the top row of the square, the Hegemon at the middle row, and the Hierophant on the bottom row.


Now follow the Battery of Knocks in the Neophyte Ceremony, using the numbers in the Saturn Square. Proceed following the formula I’ve just explained with the Officers ruling certain rows in the Square. Start with the Hierophant as Number 1.


Hierophant “Khabs”


Hiereus “Am”


Hegemon “Pekht”


Hiereus “Konx”


Hegemon “Om”


Hierophant “Pax”


Hegemon “Light”


Hierophant “In”


Hiereus “Extension”


My conclusion is that the Knocks allow the Light from the Supernals (often symbolized by Saturn) to circulate through the Middle Pillar Officers and into the Neophyte Hall, using the protection of the Saturn Square to stabilize the circumambulations of the Light.


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Frater Yechidah · May 18, 2012 at 2:24 am

Excellent insight. It certainly supports what Ritual Z says in relation to these knocks and the Supernal Triad.

It's also interesting that Saturn is typically seen as a planet of bondage and restriction, and the Candidate enters the 0=0 bound thrice, and is freed from these bonds within the ceremony.

Thus, looking at it from both perspectives the initiate is exposed to the positive side of Saturn as a representative of the Supernals, and is freed from the negative aspect of the planet symbolised by the rope.


Frater YShY · May 22, 2012 at 6:37 pm

Ms. Cicero,

Excellent little ditty. I remember reading this 'insight' article elsewhere a while back, thank you for re-posting it.

I always remember that the Hierophant's lines are "Khabs-Pax-In". I don't know what it is he is supposed to be packing in there, "more light" or something; but that's how I remember the lines.

Because the Hierophant takes the top point of the Hexagram twice in the 0=0, there is indeed a Saturnine restriction when the light is moved down the MP paths in Initiation.


Virgil · December 5, 2014 at 8:07 pm

Oh, that's neat! For me, the strongest association of Saturn is justice, so the interpretation that popped into my mind is that the neophyte is empowered by the light to establish justice on Earth.

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