Hail, lord Osiris. Hail, lord Osiris. Hail, lord Osiris.

Hail, hail, beautiful boy, come to thy temple straightway, for we see thee not. Hail,
beautiful boy, come to thy temple, and draw nigh after thy departure from us.

Hail, who leadest along the hour, who increasest except at his season. Thou art the exalted image of thy father Tenen, thou art the hidden essence which comest forth from Atmu. O thou Lord, O thou Lord, how much greater art thou than thy father, O thou eldest son of thy mother’s womb. Come thou back again to us with that which belongest unto thee, and we will embrace thee; depart not thou from us, O thou beautiful and greatly loved face, thou image of Tenen, thou virile one, thou lord of love. Come thou in peace, and let us see, O our Lord…

Hail, Prince, who comest forth from the womb …  of primeval matter. Hail, Lord of multitudes of aspects and created forms, circle of gold in the temples; lord of time, and bestower of years. Hail, lord of life for all eternity; lord of millions and myriads, who shinest both in rising and setting. Hail, thou lord of terror, thou mighty one of trembling.

Hail, lord of multitudes of aspects, both male and female; thou art crowned with the White Crown, thou Lord of the Urerer Crown. Thou holy Babe of Her-hekennu, thou son of Ra, who sittest in the Boat of Millions of years, thou Guide of Rest! Come thou to thy hidden places.

Hail, thou lord who art self-produced. Hail, thou whose heart is still, come to thy city. Thou beloved one of the gods and goddesses who dippest thyself in Nu, come to thy temple; thou art in the Tuat, come to thy offerings…

Hail, thou holy flower of the Great House. Hail, thou who bringest the holy cordage of the Sekti boat; thou Lord of the Hennu Boat who renewest thy youth in the secret place, thou perfect Soul.  …  Hail, thou hidden one, who art known to mankind.

Hail! Hail! Thou dost shine upon him that is in the Tuat and dost show him the Disk, thou Lord of the Ateph Crown. Hail, mighty one of terror, thou who risest in Thebes, who flourisheth forever. Hail, thou living soul of Osiris diademmed with the moon.

– from Israel Regardie’s The Tree of Life





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