As many of you already know, renowned esoteric author Donald Michael Kraig was recently diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Many groups and individuals are performing healing ceremonies for Don (coordinated within groups as well as within individual practice).

Various events designed to send healing energy to Don have been set up. Links to some of them can be found below. However, don’t feel constrained by scheduling conflicts—do anything you can for Don, whenever you can. Don has contributed so much to the magical community. Let’s support him and make him well.

[NOTE: Bilirubin is a chemical that may reach high levels in patients with pancreatic cancer due to blockage of the common bile duct by a tumor. SPECIAL REQUEST FROM DON: If you’re going to do healing work, concentrate on dropping his bilirubin level. You can look it up or just know this is a level that needs to be lower.]


A Rite of Healing

This ritual employs the healing qualities of Tiphareth as embodied in the
Rose Cross Lamen, in order to restore the health and vitality of another person.

The Temple should be arranged in accordance with the Neophyte Hall. Water and Fire (incense) should be placed in the North and South. 

The Adept should be dressed in the regalia of the Second Order, and should wear his/her consecrated Rose Cross Lamen.

Relax. When ready to begin, give five knocks.

Take up the Lotus Wand by the black end. Go to the Northeast and proclaim, “HEKAS, HEKAS, ESTE BEBELOI! Far from this sacred place be the profane!”

Go to the East. Grasp the Lotus Wand by the white portion and point with the black. 

Perform the LBRP.

Take up the cup. Purify the Temple with Water in all quarters, starting in the East by drawing the Cross and Invoking Water Triangle. 

Say: “The Rivers have raised, O Tetragrammaton! The Rivers have raised their sound. The Rivers keep raising their pounding. Above the sounds of vast waters, the majestic breaking waves of the sea, AL is majestic in the Height!”

Replace the cup. Take up the incense. Consecrate the Temple with Fire in all quarters, by tracing the Cross and the Invoking Fire Triangle. 

Say, “Adonai hath built his chambers with beams in the very Waters. Making the clouds his chariot, walking upon the wings of the Wind. Making his angels spirits, His ministers a devouring Fire!”

Replace incense. Circumambulate the Temple three times with Sol, saluting with the Neophyte Signs when passing the East.

Stand west of the Altar and face east. Perform the Adoration to the Lord of the Universe.

Perform the Rose Cross Ritual. After you have established the six crosses in the room, do not immediately perform the Analysis of the Keyword, but instead project an astral image of the person you intend to heal in the center of the room. Send a healing thought ray from your Tiphareth Center, through the Rose Cross Lamen, to the image of the person. Bring forth a red ray from Geburah to Tiphareth through the Lamen, and project it at the source of ailment or infection. Visualize this ray purging the illness from the body of the stricken individual. When this is accomplished, project a healing rose pink ray from Tiphareth itself, to mend and restore the person to good health.

Give the Projection Sign at the Astral figure and intone “EHEIEH” employing the Vibratory Formula of the Middle Pillar. As you do so imagine the petal of the Hebrew Letter Kaph being sent forth from the Rose on your Lamen. Empowered by the rose ray of Tiphareth it ascends to the Kether Center of the Astral form. Once this happens the sphere turns brilliant white. Give the Sign of Silence.

Again give the Sign of the Enterer at the figure and intone “YHVH ELOHIM” using the Vibratory Formula. Visualize the petal of the Hebrew letter Beth going forth from your Lamen on the rose ray of Tiphareth. See it enter the Daath center of the Astral Form. Once this occurs, the sphere becomes white-gray. Give the Sign of Silence.

Project again at the figure, and intone the name “YHVH ELOAH VE-DAATH.” See the petal of the Hebrew letter Tau rise from the Lamen and travel along the rose pink ray. Imagine it being absorbed into the Tiphareth center of the astral figure. Once this happens, the sphere becomes golden-yellow. Give the Sign of Silence.

Project again at the figure, and vibrate the name, “SHADDAI EL CHAI.” See the Yod-petal lift off your Lamen to journey along the rose pink ray until it is absorbed into the Yesod Center of the figure. When this occurs, the sphere changes to bright violet. Give the Sign of Silence.

Project for the last time, and intone the name, “ADONAI HA-ARETZ.” Visualize the petal of the letter Mem traversing the rose ray to the Malkuth Center of the Astral form. When this happens, the sphere takes on the four colors of Malkuth. Give the Sign of Silence.

Imagine the astral form of the person completely cured and revitalized by the healing energies of the Reconciling Pillar you have invoked. See the form as strong, active and full of life. Visualize the shining Archangel Raphael standing over the person, holding the Caduceus Wand over the crown of the individual’s head. At this point withdraw the rose pink ray back into your Tiphareth center.

Finally perform the Analysis of the Keyword as given at the end of the Rose Cross Ritual. At the words, “Let the Divine Light Descend!” visualize the brilliant white Supernal Light bathing the astral form of the person, providing a spiritual healing as well as a physical one. 

Repeat the invocation: “Come Thou, in the Power of Light! Come Thou, in the Light of Wisdom! Come Thou, in the Mercy of the Light! The Light hath Healing in its Wings!”  

Contemplate the healing Light about the figure for some time, circulating the pure energy in ribbons and spiral bands which serve to strengthen the aura of the person.

When finished, say to the figure, “Go thou to the living being of whom thou art a reflection. Take with thee strength, vitality and health. Return with the blessings of YEHESHUAH YEHOVASHAH!” Trace the Rose Cross before the figure and send it to the individual. 

Perform the Qabalistic Cross.

Purify and consecrate the Temple as before.

Perform the reverse circumambulation, three times widdershins.

Say, “In the name of YEHESHUAH I now set free any spirits that may have been imprisoned by this ceremony.”

Perform the LBRP. (Optional)

Give five knocks as in the beginning.

Say, “I now declare this Temple duly closed.”


(Ritual taken from the book “Ritual Use of Magical Tools” by Chic Cicero & Sandra Tabatha Cicero)
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