The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie, 7th Edition 

Revised and Corrected by John Michael Greer

“Over the three quarters of a century since it first saw print, Israel Regardie’s The Golden Dawn has become far and away the most influential modern handbook of magical theory and practice. It is a treasure chest of arcane lore that has inspired countless students of magic and found an honored place as an essential textbook in scores of magical lodges and occult schools. It has been translated into many languages and copied (with or without acknowledgment) by hundreds of authors, and the fundamental concepts and practices of magic presented in its pages have been taken up by occult traditions all over the world.(…) May it bring Light in Extension to students of the Mysteries for generations to come.”
—Foreword to the 7th Edition by John Michael Greer

“This new edition of The Golden Dawn is the one that students have been waiting for—a clean edition with typos removed, translation errors fixed, consistent typography, spelling and fonts, readable rituals with stage directions that make sense, fresh new illustrations, and a new index. John Michael Greer’s knowledge and expertise on this formidable project has proven to be indispensable in this regard. He is to be heartily congratulated for his work on this definitive text. We suspect that this edition will be the standard for decades to come.”
—Preface to the 7th Edition by Chic Cicero & Sandra Tabatha Cicero

Carl Weschke 
To Carl Llewellyn Weschke

In 1969, as President of Llewellyn Publications (now Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.), he published the first new edition of this book since its original printing and kept it in print continuously thereafter. For that, as well as for his lifelong efforts to promote magic and occult philosophy of all kinds, every student of the Golden Dawn tradition owes him an immense debt. This seventh edition of The Golden Dawn, which he set in motion but did not live to see completed, is dedicated to his memory.

The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie, 7th Edition
Llewellyn Worldwide

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