The Light Extended: Vol. 2

The Light Extended: Vol. 2

Taking its name from the rituals of the Order of the Golden Dawn, this journal aims to extend the light through information, offering a combination of unpublished original order documents and new material from prominent voices in the esoteric world today. With a unique mix of scholarly articles and practical advice, this book provides an essential resource for those interested in the Golden Dawn system of magic.

Topics include the Evil Triangle, the Equilibration of the Four Winds, the Vibration of the Divine Name, the Lunar Occultation of Venus, Greek Gods in the Golden Dawn, the Four Elements and Their Implements, a Jewish Treatise on the Heavens, Earths, and Hells, A Golden Dawn Perspective on the Relationship Between Divinity and Humanity, the Golden Dawn Temple, Astrological Dignities, and the Rose and Cross.

With contributions from: Tony Fuller, Frater Yechidah, Samuel Scarborough, John Michael Greer, Soror DPF, Jayne Gibson, J.P. Feliciano, Chic Cicero and S. Tabatha Cicero, Frater D, Frater Manu Forti, and Frater A.R.O.

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