Notice, and a Subject for Contemplation

By G. H. Frater N.O.M.
(Dr. William Wynn Westcott)


Anyone who being a 4=7 and passes five Examinations, becomes a nominal 5=6, and is competent to preside at First Order Assemblies, wears a White Sash across a Black Sash, and has reached the top of the G.D.

This may be quite properly common knowledge to the First Order Members, but it is absolutely necessary that these First Order or G.D. members should remain in entire ignorance of the Order RR. Et A.C., the so-called Second Order, and should not be told who has, or has not actually entered the Second Order.

Adepts must not tell First Order Members:

1. That they have passed any further ceremony;
2. Nor that they perform Practical Magic;
3. Nor, when they meet;
4. Nor where;
5. Nor who is head of the Second Order.

The safest answer to all forms of question seems to be:

‘If you belonged to the Second Order, you would know what you ask me; if you do not know, you do not belong, and if I did know, I could no more tell you, than a 1=10 can tell anything about it to a 0=0.’

There are some very worthy nominal 5=6 members who have never gone farther; they wear White Sashes; and members of 5=6 might accidentally tell them what should not be told.

There are some Philosophi who pass all the Examinations and are nominal 5=6, of whom it is possible that the Chiefs would not approve, and so have no chance of full Second Order membership.

The List of full Members of 5=6 is in the Library, and so every Adept should know if a person be a full Adept or not. Complete silence is the only safe course, with anyone you have not actually met in the Vault.