Visions of Squares upon the Enochian Tablets

A Vision of the Square ‘n’ of the Airy Lesser Angle of the Tablet of Water
By V.H. Sor. Vigilate (Helen Mary Rand)


Having recited the 4th and 10th Enochian Calls, and invoked the Angelic Names of the Tablet of Water, and the Airy Angle, I was carried up by the gentle moving waves of warm moist Air, through which I could see bright blue sky with greyish white clouds moving across rapidly. I rose in the Air till I found myself on a vast sandy plain, on the right little vegetation, on the left a broad river with trees and grass on its banks. A cool breeze was blowing from the river across the plain, and seemed to refresh the green after the heat of the day.

I called on Ahephi to appear and the form gradually filled the place till the scene disappeared altogether. Tested by the letters, it grew immensely larger, and seemed to have a yellow and blue striped Nemyss, whitish wrappings, with broad blue bands round it, and a greenish yellow light shown about it. I gave the L.V.X. signs and asked to be shown the Sphynx of its power. This gradually appeared through the yellow light behind the God-form, human head, very fair and bright face, wings, yellow and blue nemyss, claws of Eagle extended in front, and hind-legs and tail of a lion in reclining position.

On asking for the action of the force of the Square, was shown a bubble of Water into which Air was continually pouring, and expanding it till it burst and disappeared, the energy seeming then to pass into other forms and come under the rule of another square It seemed a transitory action, more the initiator of fresh conditions than an end in itself. I asked its effect on the earth, and was taken to the scene I had left, and saw again how the moist breeze from the river gave fresh life to the vegetation which had flagged during the day. Asking its effect on the animal world, I was shown a Deer standing by a lake. A current of force passing over it, seemed to bring the dawn of reason and glimmering of consciousness, the first conscious stirrings of an animal. Acting on man, it seemed to affect the brain, producing a vague waving motion which prevented fixity of thought and definiteness of idea, loss of the power of concentration.

I then asked to see the elementals of the plane, and saw numbers of small-sized human figures, fair, active expression on face, bodies rather solid-looking compared to the head, large wings like dragon flies which were iridescent and seemed to reflect the colouring of things about them.

“I gave the 5°=6° Signs to the Sphinx and then called on the Angel of the Square. I saw above the God the figure I had drawn-the Wings on the Crown were blue, the cuirass bright steel with the Eagle symbol on the breast in gold, the drapery below was a yellowish green, and the feet bare.”

A Vision of the Square ‘A’ of the Airy Lesser Angle of the Tablet of Water
By V.H. Sor. Vigilate (Helen Mary Rand)

After vibrating the names of Airy Angle of Water and reading the Call, I seemed to be in the Air, ascending in a current of tiny drops of water which darted upward and in every direction, and were of every colour of the rainbow, very minute and light. On looking about for the cause, I saw below a tremendous volume of Water falling to a great depth, and this atmosphere in which I was, was the spray rising from it. I called on Ahephi to appear and gradually got the God form, as before, but standing above a pyramid composed of the living Elements. The Water sides of the Square were like two greenish-blue waves, always rising and falling and on all sides were in continual motion, and gave the idea of intense restlessness. I gave the 5°=6° Signs, tested it, and asked to be shown the Sphynx. This appeared in a greenish yellow mist behind Ahephi in a crouching position, with the human arms stretched out in front. A silver crown on the Lion head set with sapphires. I saluted with the Signs which were returned. I asked for the explanation of the force of the Square, but could not get it clearly. It seemed an ever-moving subtle force, which working imperceptibly brought purification and cleaning with it.

The elementals I got were something like those of the ‘n’ Square, but smaller and in Rainbow colours, and they moved more quickly. They carried cups in their hands, shaped like lotuses in which they caught drops of water and darted into the Air with them. On the Earth their work seemed to be the purifying of the magnetism. I could not get anything clearer although I tried for a long time.

A vision of the Square ‘x’ in the Watery Lesser Angle of the Fire Tablet
By V.H. Sor. F.e.R. (Annie Horniman)

I rose through the pyramid with the White Light, which streamed down from the Apex, and came into the Sky, where the same colours are repeated like sunrise etc. The colossal pyramid and Amesheth on it, a mummified figure in white, bands of colour like the pyramid and a blue human face (the same blue as I have seen in Egyptian paintings). I made the Signs and called on the Names and begged to be allowed to see the Angel. She appeared with a blue lunar crescent on her head and brown hair which was very long. Her robe was pale blue with a black border, and a pentagram in red on her breast: her wings were blue also, and so was the Cup in her left hand, in her right hand she bore a red torch. Around her was a diamond of red yods. She told me her office was ‘Change and purification through suffering such as spiritualises the material nature’. I told her that her pale face and blue eyes had a sad and tender expression as she spoke. The subs were similar but smaller and not all of them winged. The elementals were like blue maids, bearing flames and their robes were black bordered. Some wore blue winged helmets and cloaks, red breast-plates and Swords and black leg-armour. I was told that only through my Knowledge of Amesheth was all this shown unto me.

Then I saw the Sphynx. The head was that of a Blue Eagle, and so were the back and wings, the tail and hind legs were black like a Bull and the fore legs and chest that of a Red Lion. The creature lay on a black marble pedestal. I saluted it and called on it by the Names to tell me its nature and office, its universal quality; it said ‘It is change and development, not apparently harmonious, but growing stable after the first efforts’.

In the Elements (weather) floods of rain and lightning refreshing the Earth. The elementals and angels are above described. The general effect of this Square upon the Earth is the partly unbalanced efforts of the material universe towards perfection- which efforts are all towards spirit and are all necessary-as taken all together they are balanced. In the Tablets there are equal numbers of triangles of each element.

On this World the effect is that of the floods of water mingling with submarine volcanoes and so disturbing the Earth under the Sea. The animal life is that represented by the fish who rest hidden among the rocks in warm climates. I seemed to see them, blue with black or red specks. The plants are water-lilies, a root in the black mud, the leaves resting on the surface of the water, loving the Sun. In regard to minerals I saw a great blueish opal with red lights playing in it: it rested in a black marble basin, and from all sides radiated a lovely light.

On man the effect of the Square is restlessness, like waves of the sea, carrying him on with enthusiasm to some completed work. I seemed to see a nervous (highly strung) person with a pale face, dark deep-set eyes, and thin white hands, making a great effort, willing to pass through fire to reach his goal, a solid black pedestal from which I knew that he could begin to rise to the Higher. But hot clouds of steam and great water tried to hinder him from even reaching the fire. The lesson seemed to me that severe criticism, social difficulties, and heredity must all be overcome before we can reach the purifying fire of Initiation and, through that, the solid ground of spiritual knowledge.

A vision of the Square ‘n’ in the Airy Lesser Angle of the Fire Tablet
By V.H. Fra. A.P.S. (Dr. Pullen-Berry)

Formed pyramid over me. (Remember that the pyramid is only the symbolic Formula of the plane, and not a solid material pyramid.) Went through it, looked for pyramid of the plane and saw it immediately with its yellow face towards me, and a large glowing white brilliance on the top. Approached and saw Aheiphi in the centre of the brilliance, and himself light and white. On calling on him he turned his head and in answer to 5°=6° Signs he inclined it. I said I wanted to interview the Sphynx of the pyramid, he consented to my doing and I descended thereunto.

I saw him easily and at once, but his colours were not brilliant. I asked him to explain to me the forces to which he corresponded, beginning with the universal force he represented. Answer (By expression, I am deaf to words) ‘I represent active forces acting between the waters above and the waters below the firmament dividing the waters and energised by Fire. Two active forces operating in the midst of a polarised passive force. You personally cannot see a universal application of this correspondence; but you may see it in nature in the weather, where the Fire and the Air keep the upper and nether Waters apart. It represents a cloudy atmosphere with a sea below, but the air between is dry and in active motion: there is no chance of rain, nor is there much evaporation from the surface. It is a very stable weather with plenty of circling clouds high in the atmosphere.’ Later on he said-‘In creation I represent the separation of the Waters; the expression of physical form out of the all-containing Astral; and also the reverse, the restoration to the physical of that which keeps it in that condition; hence the return of the physical to the Astral. I am but one of the forces through which Fire would act.’ (This seems to me to be a force spoken of in Alchemy as that which ‘fixes the volatile’ and ‘volatilises the fixed’, according to which way it is directed.) In Man’s figure you have a type with round face and full lower parts and legs, with active and strong, but perhaps less clumsy, back and arms; the type of mind, however, is a very good one, it will be meditative, and its meditation will be accompanied by subtle and keen reasoning and energetic thinking. It will lead him to compare the lower with the higher and the higher with the lower. Just the sort of mind to find out for itself that ‘as above so below’ is a great truth in nature. Because he directs his attention to the upper and to the lower equally he is hence a philosopher combining religion and science into a sublime union.’

Among animals, I caught nothing but the Elephant, and from the nature of the Elephant’s mind, which may be considered meditative from an animal point of view, his intelligence, physical force, bulky watery build, and warm blood I am inclined to think this attribution correct, although it seemed incongruous at first. Furthermore the use of Tau did not alter the vision.

Among vegetables I received the impression of the banana. Among minerals I saw an orange crystal column with pyramidal ends (I think hexagonal).

I asked him (the Sphynx) to show me the Angel and to accompany me outside to see her. She appeared as follows: face roundish, short curly hair, light brown brilliant halo, and a small golden crown. Robe blue at the neck and bottom, girt with a white and gold belt, with the name in gold, and the robe white in the centre. Wings small and bluish-white. In her right hand she held a small wand of wood like cedar, with a gold top nearly cubical in shape, and in her left hand a peculiarly shaped, dark maroon coloured base.

Then, from the summit of the pyramid, I surveyed the surrounding country. On the yellow side at some distance was a sea, passing round to the right there was a dark thick wood, the land gradually rising till opposite, the red side of it (the pyramid) rose apparently as a sandy desert hill until it encountered a fogbank which hid all behind it; passing round to the fourth side the country was very flat. There were lakes and marshes and beyond them some slightly wooded land. The lakes and marshes seemed as if partly salt and partly fresh water. As if the pyramid stood at a spot where the waters from the land came in contact with the waters from the sea, though I could not see where or how either the one or the other, the salt or the fresh, got there. There was no inlet from the sea, nor was there a river from the land.


A Vision of the Square ‘c’ of the Earthy Lesser Angle of the Tablet of Air By V.H. Fra. Resurgam (Dr. Berridge)

Having rehearsed the 8th Angelical Call and enclosed myself within a pyramid as above, vibrating the Names, I followed the ray and found myself in a hot, very dry atmosphere; I therefore invoked the God Kabexnuf by the power c.n.m.o. on whose appearance I used all the tests I knew, whereby he was strengthened. At my request he then made manifest the Sphynx of his power, who became visible to me. He was resting upon a black cube. Having once more used the Signs and applied the tests I asked for information respecting the Square, when my repeated invocations brought before me the Angel, a powerful virile figure of exquisite proportion and strength. He then showed me the action in the Macrocosm, which appeared to be the solidifying of Nebulae into Worlds by mutual attraction of the particles. Then, on this planet, we rested in the mouth of a volcano in active eruption, so much so that we were surrounded by flying lava. It was intensely hot, and almost mechanically I formulated in myself the idea of wrapping myself in an Apas, but a stern voice said: ‘You must not, if you want to learn you must bear the discomfort.’ Embedded in the sides of the volcano were crystallised jets and drops of fire which, I was told, was living gold;

I asked for another scene and was taken on to a higher plane where there was a luxuriant forest of tropical plants of gorgeous scarlet and orange waving to and fro in an imperceptible breeze. The earth in which they grew was of a rich black colour, but there poured on them such fierce rays from the Sun that I looked to see them wither, but was told that they were on a higher plane than our flowers, and defied the scorching rays by virtue of their own internal heat which sustained their life. This Square being akin to our tropics, we went there, and saw a beautiful scene smiling in the heat of the Sun; suddenly a hot wind arose, bearing with it stones and dust with which it devastated the whole landscape. Here I was shown many tigers, and for flowers tiger lilies and Japanese red lilies in abundance. The type of human being I was shown was such a man as Chopin playing madly on a piano in a large empty room. The elemental is a bird like creature which hops rapidly over the ground; its influence on human nature gives the desire for violent sensation.

A Vision of the Square ‘l’ of the Earthy Lesser Angle of the Tablet of Air
By V.H. Sor. Shemeber (Mrs. Percy Bullock)

This atmosphere was damp and cold. I stood on the summit of a mountain, cloud-enwrapped, and there, having rehearsed the Angelical Calls, and vibrated the names, I beheld the colossal form of Anubis, who, after a time, shewed me the Sphinx of his Power. This again shewed me a mighty Angel who answered my signs, and when in that of the Theoricus I saw that a brilliant ray descended into the outstretched palm of each of her hands. On my asking for guidance and information, she gave me one of these rays, which I beheld as a crystal cord whose other end rested in the Eternal. The Angel led me first among the Ethers, and after a space I beheld stars and worlds innumerable.

Through the brighter Suns, particles passed-coming out the other side as blackened cinders. Then came forth a mighty hand which gathered these cinders and welded them into a mass, lifeless and vast. Then we passed to this Earth-to a frigid scene, all snow and huge blocks of ice. The cold was intense, but I felt it not. Here were polar bears, and seals, as also many sea gulls. In places, the ice was stationery but again it was violently moved, block crashing against block with deafening roar. The inhabitants of the place were small and bloodless, wrapped chiefly in the skins of polar bears.

“The influence of this square on Man, makes him violently impetuous in the absence of difficulty, but instantly hopeless in the face of an obstacle, abandoning at once every project. The Elementals are demure, bird-like creatures with semi-human faces. The spiritual beings are beautiful diaphanous Angels, light brown in colour, with sweet serious faces. They were all much occupied when I saw them. Some had silver in their left hands and mercury in their right, which they would put into a golden vessel together, whence immediately a pale gold coloured flame which ever increased in size, spreading out through the Worlds. Others bearing the legend ‘Solve et Coagula’ woven into their belts, mixed water and the principle of cold which they bore in a pair of scales, and the union was the ice of the region we were in. I was wondering whether all this had any counterpart in human nature, and its possibilities of development when I saw two types. One an ancient man toiling along most painfully and the other a child skipping along light-heartedly. As they faded there rose between them a radiant figure clad in gold, bearing on her brow the sign Libra in living emerald. Then I understood that only in and by the reconciliation of these two forces, the fixed and the volatile is ‘the pathway of true equilibrium’ found. On asking for plants I was shown mushrooms, which seemed to be particularly consonant to this square.”

A Vision of the Square ‘C’ of the Watery Lesser Angle of the Tablet of Air
By V.H. Fra. Resurgam (Dr. Berridge)

Read the 3rd and 7th Calls. Vibrated Oro Ibah Aozpi, Bataivah, the Angel CPao. The Egyptian God is Hoorpokrati.

Found myself in the air in the midst of whirling clouds. Travelled on by the above names. Saw the Angel of colossal size clothed in white. Tested with a letter Tau and Beth placed over the form, but there was no change, so removed those letters. Clouds seemed to be floating around the Angel. Saluted with L.V.X. Signs and asked to see the Egyptian God, who appeared equally colossal while the Angel floated up above his head. Tested as before.

Vibrated Hoorpokrati second time, saluted as before, and asked to see the Sphinx, both Angel and Harpocrates returning the saluting sign. Sphinx then appeared with Eagle head, lower part human, on one side Eagle’s wings, the other side human arms. Tested and saluted as before. The Sphinx was of colossal size.

Now I vibrated all the names repeatedly, and asked to see the meaning of the Square. I was told that it was the astral region of storm and rain clouds with wind. I saw elementals in grey or pearly robes floating on the white fleecy clouds.1 On dark thunder clouds were forms in dark lurid grey raiment, bearing thunderbolts like the images attributed to Zeus; many eagle-headed forms among them. Presently I saw one with a Crown. I asked him to show me, and he took me by the hand and we traversed an enormous distance beyond the Earth which became invisible. Then we soared upwards still in the midst of the same surroundings, till I saw the Sun of that region, shining brightly, but clouds frequently drifting across it, while the clouds were now below us but only partially so. He told me that the nature of this Square was to supply the forces on the Astral Plane which generate wind, rain, clouds, and storm on the natural plane. That these occurred throughout the Universe but with different effect. That on our evil planet the effect was sometimes disastrous, being perverted from their original intention by our evil sphere. But on other higher planes the effect was always beneficial, clearing away that which had fulfilled its purpose and replacing it by fresh influence. The region attributed to this Square seemed simply limitless. We traversed an enormous distance, yet seemed no nearer the end. So he brought me back again. Then I thanked him and saluted him, and descended to the former plane. There I thanked and saluted the Angel Hoorpokrati, and the Sphinx. So I returned home, dimly seeing my natural body before reentering it.

1. (Note: I get them greyer and less defined.-D.D.C.F.)