The H.O.G.D. has several temples in the U.S. and across the globe. However, initiation into our Order is by invitation only. Prospective members undergo a screening process to determine their qualifications for possible referrals to specific temples within our Order. Inquirers who might not be candidates for initiation into the H.O.G.D. may be referred to other Orders that are amicable with ours.

The following is a list of all the temples in the H.O.G.D. that maintain a web presence. There are many other temples in our Order that prefer to be more private and do not have a web presence. Our Order’s official home page ( and the individual temple websites listed below are the only Golden Dawn webpages that are affiliated with our Order.

H.O.G.D. in Great Britain
H.O.G.D. in London
H.O.G.D. in Canada 
H.O.G.D. in NYC/Long Island
H.O.G.D in Asheville and western North Carolina
H.O.G.D. in eastern/central North Carolina
Tempio Iside-Sophia (Italy)