[NOTE: Selected from the A.O. Archives of the H.O.G.D. Compiled with Introductory Notes by STC.]

[Notes from the A.O. Ptah Temple in Philadelphia, PA.- STC]

Just a little instruction as to the way of addressing fellow members in letters –
To First Order Members below the Grade of 4 – 7, Care Frater or Cara Soror.

To those of 4 – 7, (if female Cara et Honored Soror) (if male Care et Honored Frater)

To Second order Members (5 – 6 and 6 – 5)
Care et Very Honored Frater, ect – Cara et Very Honored Soror, ect – Generally written Care et V.H. Frater (Soror) ect.

To those of 7 – 4 Grade – Care (or Cara) et Greatly Honored Frater (Soror) ect.
Generally written – Care et G.H. Frater, ect.

Philadelphia, April 1, 1923

Care Frater; –
I have written to Mrs. Grace, our V.H. Praemonstratrix, Soror Sic Itur ad Astra,
to come to my house on Thursday evening April 5, at 9, P.M. to give you your advancement, and it will be that evening, unless she cannot come, and in that case I will let you know, but if you get no word from me, come to my house on that evening.

Kindest regards from

Soror Servus Servorum Dei
Sub-Cancellarius. 5 – 6

[NOTE: Short letter from Soror Servus Servorum Dei [Mrs. Lola E. Fellman] Sub Cancellarius and eventually Cancellarius of the Ptah Temple, Philadelphia, PA. – STC]



Care Frater; –
The regular monthly meeting of the Members of our Order, will be held on Saturday evening, Sep 22, at eight o’clock sharp. Please be there on time, for we will start promptly at 8. for we have a long evening of work.

This is the Equinox meeting and attendance at this meeting is obligatory.

All MSS, Loan Copies, which you have in your possession are to be returned, at this meeting, and if you have not finished with them, they will be returned to you after hey have been tabulated.

You have copies – 0=0, 1=10, 2=9 Ritual 2=9 K. Lecture & Invoking Pentagram, & Equinox.

Fraternally Yours, S.S.D.



[NOTE: Short letter to Mr. E. I. Streitfield, member of the (A.O.) Ptah Temple in Philadelphia, PA. – STC]

Phila, 6/20/24

Mr. E. I. Streitfield
919 Artic Ave
Atlantic City, N.J.

Care et H. Frater:-
I thank you very much for the fine box of candy, you sent me, they were the best taffy’s I had ever had, & I certainly enjoyed them.

I hope you will be able to attend the meeting on the 28th as we expect 5 of the Washington Group to be at our Temple to take their 3=8 advancement.

How do you like Atlantic City?

I wish your parents much business success. I do not think I will get there this summer, as my father-in-law is still bed fast & no prospect of release.

Kindest Regards – Fraternally

Servus Servorum Dei Lola E. Fellman