“Flying Rolls” refers to a series of papers and lectures circulated among the Adepts of the Golden Dawn. They provide key insights and instructions into various aspects of practical magic. Topics covered in these papers include theurgy, imagination, symbolism, willpower, alchemy, qabalah, clairvoyance, spirit vision work, horary astrology, divination, magical alphabets, and telesmatic images.


Flying Roll I. Part I
Notice, and a Subject for Contemplation

Flying Roll I. Part II
A Subject for Contemplation

Flying Roll II. Part I
Subject for Contemplation: Purity and Will

Flying Roll II. Part II
Remarks upon Subject for Contemplation

Flying Roll II. Part III
Three Suggestions on Will Power

Flying Roll III
Notes on Procedure for Receiving and Forwarding Flying Rolls

Flying Roll IV
An Example of Mode of Attaining to Spirit Vision

Flying Roll V
Some Thoughts on Imagination

Flying Roll VI
Concerning Flying Roll II

Flying Roll VII

Flying Roll VIII
Tracing a Pentagram by Geometry

Flying Roll IX
Right and Left Pillars

Flying Roll X
The Symbolism of Self-Sacrifice and Crucifixion Contained in the 5=6 Grade

Flying Roll XI

Flying Roll XII
Telesmatic Images and Adonai

Flying Roll XIII
Secrecy and Hermetic Love

Flying Roll XIV
Talismans and Flashing Tablets

Flying Roll XV
Man and God

Flying Roll XVI
The History of the Rosicrucian Order

Flying Roll XVII
The Symbolism of the Seven Sides

Flying Roll XVIII
Progress in the Order

Flying Roll XIX
Aims and Means of Adeptship

Flying Roll XX
The Elementary View of Man

Flying Roll XXI
Know Thyself

Flying Roll XXII
Free Will

Flying Roll XXIII
Tattwa Visions

Flying Roll XXIV
On Horary Astrology

Flying Roll XXV
Essay on Clairvoyance and Traveling in the Spirit Vision

Flying Roll XXVI
Planets to Tattvas, a Supplement to XII

Flying Roll XXVII
The Principia of Theurgia or the Higher Magic

Flying Roll XXVIII
On the Value of Magic Implement and Insignia in Methods of Divination

Flying Roll XXIX
On Lieutenants

Flying Roll XXX
Tattwas and Skrying and Hierophant’s Making 0=0 Sign

Flying Roll XXXI
Correspondence Between the Enochian and Ethiopic Alphabets

Flying Roll XXXII
The Theban Letters

Flying Roll XXXIII
Visions of Squares upon the Enochian Tablets

Flying Roll XXXIV
An Exorcism

Flying Roll XXXV
On the General and Particular Exordium of the Z Documents

Flying Roll XXXVI
Of Skrying and Traveling in the Spirit Vision