An Example of the Mode of Attaining to Spirit Vision and What was seen by Two Adepti

S.S.D.D.  (Sapientia Sapienti Dona Data, Florence Farr) 
& F. (Fidelis, Elaine Simpson) on November 10th 1892

Secure for an hour or for longer absolute freedom from interruption. Then alone, or with one or two other Adepti, enter the vault, or private chamber. Remain in silence and contemplation for several minutes.

Rise, and perform the Qabalistic Cross and prayer. Then proceed to contemplation of some object, say a Tarot Trump: either by placing it before you and gazing at it, until you seem to see into it ; or by placing it against your forehead or elsewhere, and then keeping the eyes closed; in this case you should have given previous study to the Card, as to its symbolism, colouring, analogies, etc.

In either case you should then deeply sink into the abstract ideal of the card; being in entire indifference to your surroundings. If the mind wanders to anything disconnected with the card, no beginner will succeed in seeing anything spiritually.

Consider all the symbolism of the Tarot Card, then all that is implied by its letters, number, and situation, and the paths connected therewith.

The vision may begin by the concentration passing into a state of reverie; or with a distinct sense of change, something allied in sensation to a faint, with a feeling urging you to resist, but if you are highly inspired, fear not, do not resist, let yourself go; and then the vision may pass over you.

If you have anything occur or disturb you, you will come to readily enough– or as from a doze; otherwise the vision ends of itself, or some can check it by will, at any stage, others cannot, at first, at any rate.

The Tarot Trump, the Empress was taken; placed before the persons and contemplated upon, spiritualized, heightened in colouring, purified in design and idealized.