On the value of Magic Implements & Insignia in methods of Divination

By G.H Fratres D.D.C.F. (S.L. Macgregor Mathers)
and N.O.M (Dr. W.W. Westcott)

As far as the Adeptus Minor is concerned, the successful practice of Divination, whether Astrology, Geomancy, or Tarot depends upon the training of intuition. The rules of Astrology, the dots of Geomancy and the law of the opening of the Key are the guides which lead the intuition and limit its function to definite aims and ends.

All processes of Divination require a concentration of mind and of the vital and astral forces of the operator upon the subject matter; this being so, it is of vital importance to success that the mind does not wander, the body be at rest and peace. No opposing forces intervene. That the personal and social attitude be cast aside. These things being so, it is of great value to furnish the physical with symbols of protection and power, and the astral form with the astral counterpart of their insignia and implements.

For by such means are the lower Elementals forced to abandon their attacks and they being absent, the opportunity is presented for the access of Superior Powers. For it is the Higher Self which receives prompting from Higher Powers at those times when the Lower Self is set aside, and when the interference of Elementary and Qlipothic forces is provided against.

Do not attempt Divination when angry, when anxious and worried, when ill, when fearful, for under all these circumstances the tendency to obsession is great.

As an Adeptus Minor, Divine when calm, peaceful, healthy and courageous. To supplement your power, use the means provided by your Adeptship: the white robe, emblem of Purity. The yellow sash of 5°=6° rank. The Rose-Cross, that comprehensive symbol, so well able to afford mystic protection and which itself affirms the support of the knowledge and the virtues of the keys of Wisdom you have already attained. Hold, or have at hand, the magic sword of Mars and Geburah to hinder the attacks of opposing forces acting with hostile intent, and of errant forces crossing your path. It will also increase the power of your resolves. The Lotus Wand should be in frequent use, because it gives precision to your working and supplies a ready means of appeal to any special force, zodiacal or planetary, by hour or present position; or elementary by triplicity.

The four Elemental Implements should be all laid on the table before you for immediate use as required: the whole four must be present to preserve a certain Balance and Harmony in the sphere of your aura, and yet it is desirable to take up and hold with concentrated idea any one of them when trying to form an estimate of the strength of the corresponding force in any detail of your work: or you may hold one of them to secure physical or astral power and intensity of that character or again to preserve your own natural equilibrium. For example, in the act of judging an astrologic Figure. Suppose you find the ascendant in Aries and Mars is found in Virgo. To ascertain more accurately their effects in the case, take the Lotus Wand in the Right hand and use the left for the Elemental Implements. Hold by the scarlet band of Aries consider, take up the Fire Wand, consider, then shift the grasp to Virgo and lay down the Fire Wand and take up the Pentacle for that earthy sign.

Again, suppose the end of the matter to be in cancer and the Sun in Capricorn. Take the Lotus Wand first by one sign band and then by the other, taking up with the left, the Cup and Pentacle in succession. Or if Saturn be in Libra in Quadrant to the Moon hold the Wand by the emerald band and take the air dagger in the left hand, if you wish to consider what mischief the square of Saturn does to Moon. The same method will apply to a Geomantic Consideration, and the Lotus Wand is here especially suitable, for Geomantic Working is markedly Zodiacal rather than Planetary.

If a Divination must be done when you are in trouble, use the sword to give strength in working and fortitude: holding it in the right hand and wand or implement in the left hand. In a Tarot judgement the same mode of working conduces to accuracy of result. In Geomancy also you may hold the sword in the left hand, while making the dot with the right hand. The actual presence of your mystical motto, painted upon your magical weapon has its special use of ‘identifying the Power of the weapon with your own force.

You should not imprint your own motto upon a telesm or flashing tablet given by you to another member. But you may add it to such a design intended by you, for your own wearing or use. This caution does not apply to a Telesma drawn and energised by you for presentation to the Chiefs for purposes of examination or for tests of your ability: in such case you may preferably write your motto on the reverse side of the Talisman or Design.