An Exorcism


By V.H. Frater Sub Spe
(John William Brodie-Innes)


My wife had suffered a severe attack of influenza recovery was followed by great exhaustion, an exhaustion which ultimately I came to share. I considered this exhaustion which seemed more than natural and it came to me that this was the obsession of some vampirising elemental. I to hear a voice say ‘cast it out’. I contemplated cons an Adept of our Order, but during intense concentration heard an almost audible voice say ‘You must do it yourself under my instruction’. Thereupon I became conscious presence in the room of a stately figure in a black robe, wearing some shining insignia—I did not see or hear it speak physically, but, nevertheless, I saluted it with the Portal and 5°=6° signs. The figure first responded by saluting gravely and then appeared to merge with me, to take session of my body. It gave me, partly signs and par words, the following instructions:—

  1. Lower the gas. (I did.)
  2. Burn Incense (I used Incense on a live coal from the fireplace)
  3. Trace invoking Pentagram of Fire towards East.
  4. Trace the sigil of Leo in the centre of pentagram.
  5. Vibrate the Name of Power ADNI ha ARETZ.
  6. Return the coal to the fire.
  7. Face East and make Qabalistic Cross.
  8. Trace invoking Pentagram of Earth.

I carried out these instructions to the letter but in default of any magical implement traced the Pentagrams with my hand. As I drew the Earth Pentagram I called up the foul thing that had troubled me to manifest visibly before me. As I did so a vague blot, like a scrap of London fog, materialised before me. At the same time I sensed my guide, standing close to my right hand, raising his hand in the attitude of the 1°=10° sign. I felt him (my guide) mentally order me to command the appearance of the obsessing entity, using the Names JHVH, ADNI, AGLA, AHIH. I did so and the mist thickened and formed a kind of nucleus. My guide then instructed me, ‘Use the Name of the Lord Jesus’. I did so, commanding in that name a fuller manifestation. I saw, at first dimly, ‘as in a glass darkly’, and then with complete clarity, a most foul shape, between a bloated big-bellied toad and a malicious ape. My guide spoke to me in an audible voice, saying ‘Now smite it with all your force, using the Name of the Lord Jesus’. I did so gathering all the force I possessed into, as it were, a glowing ball of electric fire and then projecting it like a lightning flash upon the foul image before me.

There was a slight feeling of shock, a foul smell, a momen­tary dimness, and then the thing was gone; simultaneously my Guide disappeared. The effect of this experience upon me was to create a great tension of nerves and a disposition to start at almost anything. (You ought to have brought back to yourself the ray you projected. N.O.M. And you should also have closed up the opening you made to admit it, Resurgam). Afterwards, when going upstairs, I saw floating balls of fire; this may have been hallucination. (No. D.D.C.F.)

Both my wife and myself rapidly recovered our full health. Afterwards, a message came to me that ‘the unclean spirit is gone out, but it remains to purge away his traces from the house of life’. (The effect was first upon the Ruach and later upon the Nephesch. N.O.M.)

A Final Note by D.D.C.F.

It is not always permissible to completely destroy an Elemental; you must not do it on your own responsibility—but what you did was to disinte­grate a collective built-up form, not one Elemental, but many, built up into one. Always invoke the Higher Forces first, Angelic as well as Divine.