On the General and Particular Exordium of the Z Documents


by G.H. Frater  D.D.C.F.
(S.L. MacGregor Mathers)


The Great Thooth is the highest aspect of the Hermas of the most ancient Egyptian Mysteries, and corresponds almost to the Great Angel Metatron. It is the Archangel of Kether in the Briatic World. The Mercury of the Romans must not be confused with this Great Hermes.

The doctrines of Gnosticism and of Valentinus approached those of the pure Qabalah. In them we find Speech and Silence. Across the Abyss of Silence comes the Primal Speech. The Divine Ones here referred to are the Aeons in the Atziluthic World. These formulae of knowledge are designed in terms cognizable to us in the lower world. Eheieh — implicit and explicit sound. “Every being pronounces all its existence, the Name of the Lord of Life, by inspiration and expiration.”

Macroprosopus is Aima and Abba, Mother — Father. The two nostrils pass up and down the two breaths, as through the two Great Pillars. These throw all things into vibration; compare the Rashith ha-Gilgalim. Piercing of the Dragon’s Coils suggests the freeing of Malkuth, which is also referred to as the Washing of the Garments of the Queen, the Inferior Mother. Then comes the Breaking Forth of the Light. Over Malkuth as Guardians are Metatron and Sandalphon as the Two Pillars, and Nephesch ha-Messiah, the animal soul of Messiah, the Shekinah or Pre­sence between the Kerubim.

The Particular Exordium

The Bornless Ones of Time referred to are those coruscations of the Divine Light which are above Kether of Atziluth. In such Supernal Realms, the Ain Soph, though negative to us, is there intensely positive. Thence came forth the Gods, the Voice, the Aeons, and the Name.

The Egyptian Gods are generally most differentiated by their Crowns: Amen-Ra by the high feathers, Mo-ooth (Maut) has the same headdress as Horns. She corresponds to Aima Elohim. The high Hermes-Tho-oth has the same headdress as Amoun Kneph, the Sacred Spirit. Remember that Tho­oth, Truth, has two aspects — the higher and the lower. The higher is Absolute, the lower is suitable to human comprehension. To tell the higher form of a truth to one who cannot understand it is to lie to him because, though correctly formulated, it will not be correctly received.

The Forms of Thmaah. There are four forms of spelling for the Goddess Thma-Est whereby she is attributable to the Four Letters of the Name, and therewith to the Elements and the Tree.

Water. Binah. Heh. 

Fire. Chokmah. Yod.

Air. Tiphareth. Vau.

Earth. Malkuth. Heh. (final)
(The Middle Pillar)

In the Equinox Ceremony, the Hegemon is Air, Spirit, and the principal officer. She reconciles from East to West, and from North to South, and in a circular formulae.